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Can I order curtains only through the website?
In addition to online shopping, you have the opportunity to place an order by phone and in our stationary store.
Can I place an order by e-mail?
Yes, for this purpose write to
Do I need an account in the store to make a purchase?
No, you can shop as a "guest". However, we encourage you to set up an account because the next time you shop, you won't have to fill in all the shipping or invoice details again.
Will the curtains fit my car?
Yes, when producing curtains, we take into account not only the make / model of the car, but also the year and body version. If you provided this data correctly when placing the order - we guarantee a perfect match of the curtains.
Will I install the curtains myself?
Yes, the curtains can be installed by yourself according to the Instructions that you will receive in the set with the product.
Do you assemble on site in Warsaw on Płochocińska. How much extra for installation?
Yes, we assemble curtains in a stationary store free of charge, after making an appointment for assembly.
How does the fastening of the curtains look like?
RayStop curtains for side windows in the doors have super-strong magnets mounted on them (usually 4 pcs per curtain). On the car door frame itself, there should be glued metal L-holders that catch the curtain. Metal handles are mounted using 3M tape, according to the instructions included in the set. The curtains in the luggage area are fitted with a press fit.
Will there be good visibility through the curtains?
In the production of our curtains, we use a mesh that we designed together with a fabric manufacturer specifically for RayStop curtains. The mesh has a special cell shape, thanks to which the curtains darken the interior of the car well, without interfering with good visibility.
Can the windows be opened while driving with blinds on?
Yes. Thanks to the magnets, it is possible to open the windows. Also, thanks to the designed magnet system, the assembly / disassembly of the curtains is very convenient and easy.
Do you make blinds to any size?
We produce curtains for a specific car make/model. We collect dimensions only at our company's headquarters in Warsaw. However, we are not able to make curtains according to your templates (we must have a car at our headquarters).
Is it possible to make such curtains for the windshield?
We do not produce windshield curtains.
I couldn't find an offer for my car.
If you have not found a set of curtains for your car on our website, please contact us. It is possible to sign up for a measurement. The measurement is made at our company's headquarters within 45 minutes. Further production of a set of curtains takes about 3 working days.