Driving an overheated car is not comfortable for the driver or passengers, and the blinding sun rays can be dangerous on the road. To meet the needs of customers, at RayStop we create car blinds with a UV filter, with a magnetic mount, designed and manufactured to size!

Why is it worth investing in car blinds with a UV filter?

Car curtains are especially popular when the spring-summer period begins. You can order them in our online store.

Car window blind greatly improves driving comfort for both passengers and driver. Shields above all:

  • reduce overheating of the car interior
  • protect against dust and insects
  • protect against blinding and harmful solar radiation
  • provide greater privacy

Car window curtains are a gadget that your whole family will surely appreciate especially during long trips. The tinted interior of the car is conducive to relaxation and reduces stimulating stimuli from the outside, which is especially important in the case of small children. So little is needed to ensure a peaceful and comfortable journey for your loved ones.

Car curtains with magnetic fastening - an innovative solution for demanding customers.

Traditional sunshades for car windows have universal dimensions and are mounted on suction cups. They fulfill their task only partially - they do not cover the entire surface of the glass and can only be used with the windows closed. This is a big inconvenience. Some manufacturers have gone a step further and offer clip-on car curtains. However, such a fixation also often turns out to be insufficient.

If you are looking for an innovative solution, made to measure your needs, order car blinds with a UV filter from RayStop. The curtains are made to measure, so they will be perfectly matched to your car model. Our covers are equipped with a magnetic mount installed directly to the structure of the car, so you can benefit from their functionality also with the windows open!

If you are interested in our blinds, please contact us. We are the only Polish manufacturer of magnetic car window blinds and we offer solutions that even the most demanding customer will appreciate!