Car curtains are very useful gadgets that provide comfort and privacy while driving. Wondering if they are safe? It depends what and how they are made!

At RayStop, the safety of you and your family is our first priority, which is why we create sunscreens that meet safety standards. These are not just empty promises - our magnetic car curtains have been marked with a Safety Certificate issued by the European Center for Quality and Promotion! By choosing our products, you will provide your loved ones with the best!

What is the RayStop Product Safety Certificate?

ECJiP is an independent and valued unit on the market that issues certificates that ensure that a given manufacturer and its products meet the highest standards. The Quality and Safety Certificate issued by ECJiP can only be marked with proven companies that have obtained a positive result of quality and safety tests.

We are proud that we have joined the trusted group of manufacturers, and our curtains can improve the comfort of driving without putting the health and lives of passengers at risk. RayStop sun visors comply with the European Standard and can be used in both summer and winter.

RayStop - a certified manufacturer of safe car curtains!

With pride and full awareness, we can assure you that the use of our car covers does not negatively affect the health and well-being of passengers.

The Safety Certificate guarantees that our curtains are made of non-toxic materials and are resistant to high temperature. So you don't have to worry about the chemical reactions taking place in them, because no toxic fumes are released.

Magnetic sunshades from RayStop were created for the safety of people, so they are 100% safe for the health of passengers. For gluing our curtains, we use only safe and proven adhesives that are used by car manufacturers.

Our actions and care for quality and safety have already been appreciated by a reliable certification body and we hope that you will appreciate them too!